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Medusa / Daydream Apothecary Clay and Chalk Artisan Paint

Gaze upon this turquoise for too long and you may find yourself turned to stone. A neoclassical beauty that is πŒπ„πƒπ”π’π€.

The most vibrant paint on the planet! Our paint formula has clay and chalk like paint properties, it has little volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reconstitutes with water, and blends beautifully with other brands and colors. The formula’s chalk-like properties give your projects insane coverage and the option for a super-smooth or textured finish.

Daydream Apothecary is about way more than just our paint (although the paint is pretty bomb, too, if you ask us). Instead, our company is about finding raw, beautiful talent and recognizing those who aren’t afraid to hustle. We’re a better paint company when we partner with creative, edgy artists – well-known or not so much – who inspire us to be bold and take risks in our journey to create truly amazing paint for our projects.

Available in 8oz, 16oz

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